The area consists in 4 main trails named after Shimano group sets because Geo is a diehard Shimano fan 🤟.

So, as likely we have the SLX, ZEE, XT and XTR trails and probably will follow a SAINT one to rule them all 😈.

All trails are full of flow, the type of flow that you never get enough.

XT TRAIL – One of my favorites, the seccond half beeing superb. Lots of pumping and speed and some section where you can nail great manuals. Perfect for bright awesome photos.📸

XTR TRAIL – The good old favorite. Its been here for a while and had some majore modifications along the way. One day, all the variations of this trail will be available, fast and loose so you could chose from.🤙

SLX TRAIL – It is a subsidiary of the XTR trail :)). has some nice features on it some great wood elements and a nice tight ridge section ending up with an exposed finish‼

ZEE TRAIL – The most exposed one. You don’t want to take a wrong turn here because you will end up 30 feet bellow the trail 😱. Also fast and loose with the mother of all wallrides on it. Just great!

Ciocanu MTB Trails
Ciocanu MTB Trails